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American Windmills is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and sale of the Old Farm Style Water Pumping Windmill and Hand Pump systems. We specialize in the AERMOTOR Windmills with a rebuilt motor that has oil seals and roller bearings. THIS Aermotor windmill is the BEST motor you will find on the market. My Aermotor will start up in the slightest PUFF of wind. From the outside, the windmill blades and tail will look like it’s been up at your place for years, but the motor guts and the internal spinning parts will be brand new. Since you can’t see these parts, it will LOOK old with a beautiful patina. Most of these Windmills come from California where there isn’t ANY rust. We put a FULL 20 year warranty on these windmills.

Email me at Ellen Sattler

***If you don’t get a response from an e-mail you’ve sent, it doesn’t hurt to follow up with a phone call.  My e-mails have been sketchy, at best.  My Spam filter is WAY too unkind!

530-644-3008…after 6 AM pacific time please

My mantra is: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
-Aristotle (384 – 322 BC)

We have new AERMOTOR windmills and towers.  Give me a shot at pricing the new one.  My “new” prices are cheaper than purchasing from the factory. I guarantee it.

We carry Handpumps, which are now on sale, towers, pump cylinders, pump rod, adapters, replacement parts and manuals with parts diagrams for Baker Monitor Windmills, Dempster Windmills, and AERMOTOR Windmills.

Do you need wood tower plans?  I have them for a 25′ tower up to 47′ for $100.  This will include the informational packet, a $35 value.   Send me an e-mail and ask.
windmill and wood tank - American Windmills Co

I’m chock full of knowledge about the water pumping system.   This IS your ONE STOP Windmill Store!  We also have a machine shop dedicated to making hard to find Windmill and hand pump parts!   Please take a minute to Bookmark this site, please.

If you’re looking for information on the AERMOTOR Windmill and water pumping system, you might be interested in the $35 (includes post), 115 page AERMOTOR Informational Packet.   Did you know that Windmills can pump a total head of over 1000 feet “up” and they can pump for miles and miles in a straight line?  Get the packet and see what else you’ve been led to believe!  How about this…most AERMOTOR Windmills don’t have seals!  If they leak, that means they’re worn out and need to be rebuilt with new babbit bearings…or it could just be a dirty oil collector which is a 5 minute, $10 fix.  (Did you see the rebuilt AERMOTOR windmill WE sell…it has the oil seal and roller bearing!)

In my travels, both throughout the country and on the net, I’ve found others that claim to be in the Windmill business.  They say that they’re selling a Windmill that is “rebuilt” but it might not even be rebuilt at all, just painted or a few parts exchanged.  My advice to you is the old adage; “you get what you pay for!”  My dad always said “You’re never sorry if you buy quality”.  At AMERICAN WINDMILLS you will ALWAYS buy quality AND all of my rebuilt products are backed with a FULL 10 year guarantee!  If you like this web page and it helps you, then you’ll love my customer service and product.    I answer the phone 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (almost)!   Be nice; PLEASE don’t call before 8:00 AM pacific time in California!   530-644-3008 and ask for Ellen

Click on this picture for a larger view of Paul and Ellen!
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I have a number of Windmills to choose from…depending on your budget and what would fit on your property.   Check out these links:

Beautiful Rebuilt Original Chicago AERMOTOR Windmills from $3450 including a 12 year warranty.  These windmills have the top of the line gear boxes.  Paul and Ron have come up with an oil seal, roller bearing model that not only will turn on the slightest puff of wind (3 MPH), AND they are guaranteed NOT to leak for 10 years. I even have a gearbox that doesn’t require oil if you’re not going to pump.  If you’re tired of maintenance or oil on the tower, look into this windmill.  These windmills have the original blades and tails.  They’re aren’t ANY prettier windmills and towers anywhere with the authentic parts AND warranty.   I have pumpers or future pumpers, spinners or non spinners…let me know what you would like on YOUR property.  I can even rebuild YOUR windmill with these oil seals and roller bearings.  DON’T just rebuild it, make it better.  Send me an e-mail today.

Ellen Sattler

10ftWindmill  - American Windmills Co

You NEED to see the new 6′ windmill on a redwood tower that stands 19′ tall and costs $5,000!  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!

Did you see my redwood tank page?  I have the prettiest redwood tanks…some old and some new.  It’s the old growth heart redwood that you don’t find anymore.  I have a 10,000 gallon redwood tank right now and a few others.   Interested?  Send me an e-mail.

redwoo1_small  - American Windmills Co

If you want to see what we sell, go to the SALES PAGE…or continue looking through this home page.

Towers come in all shapes and sizes.  I have and 4 and 3 leg towers.  I also have the wood tower plans for $100.

Look on my sales page for more information, or click here!  Did you know that a hand pump system can fit inside a 2″ well case and pump up to 300 feet?  Hand pumps and windmills can pump above the well head.  Give me a well situation and I’ll get you a hand pump system!

Remember that the 10th anniversary is the TIN anniversary.  THINK WINDMILLS!

You need to go to my Windmill Specials Page for bargains!

Click this “NEW” Windmill Stuff Page link.

I added a page called Windmillers’ Hints.

If you need to install a Windmill, tower or hand pump system, or any part of a system, then look at my How to install the Windmill, Tower and Hand Pump page. This is full of great hints!

12bladespgp  - American Windmills Co

Check out Paul with these beautiful windmill blades for a 12′ windmill.  We have 2 acres of the prettiest double dipped galvanized blades and tails.

windmiller_cowboys_small  - American Windmills Co

Charles Jameson was kind enough to give me a picture of his grand dad (second from left), rolling smoke.  See the windmill in the background?    Charles writes:

“Ellen, this is one of the pictures I told you about.  I am not sure exactly when the picture was taken, but it was somewhere from 1900 to 1920.  My grandfather Finus Jameson was the short one 2nd from the left was about 20 years old at the time of the picture with the leather chaps on. I do not know who the others were, some of the old timers from my home town of Dumas TX. might know, but I guess that it is not important who they were!  As you can see, Levi’s or denim trousers either did not exist at that time or was not readily available!”
drilling_rig  - American Windmills Co

Charlie sent me this picture of a drilling rig too.  Click on it to see it better.

“Ellen, this is one of the old rigs I was telling you about.  This windmill drilling rig is over 80 years old.  It has been modified from its original condition, but you can get a good idea what the ol Ft. Worth Sputters looked like. “

On my Sales Page you’ll find a list of the windmill products I sell.  There are many links from the Sales page to other pages.

You’ve got to see the pictures on the Company Information Page.
defaul1  - American Windmills Co

Here’s what the wood rod and guides will look like inside your windmill tower!   Notice the AERMOTOR ladder loops on the corner post.

Have you ever heard of a Salesman Sample Windmill?  I got one for my birthday and here’s a picture of it.  It’s an exact replica of the real thing, down to the small nuts and bolts, in 25% miniature.  Very cool, very rare.  It’s an open geared Samson Windmill made in Freeport Illinois by the Stover Manufacturing Company.

samsonellen  - American Windmills Cosamsongearsname  - American Windmills Co

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Jim and his crazy idea of building an AERMOTOR windmill replica

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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”

John Keats

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Any questions? Email me!