Information Packet

The Informational Packet is a huge hit!  It has helped many people with their Aermotor Windmills and has guided many people who have Aermotor Windmill questions.  It would help you too!


If you have questions about the Windmills and water pumping systems, then you might be interested in my Informational Packet!  It has 115 pages of information particular to Aermotor Windmills and the water pumping system.  It’s a refundable $30 because it comes with every system I sell.  If you’re working on an Aermotor or plan to purchase an Aermotor Windmill, it’s indispensable!  I can send you the best information for your Aermotor.  Just send me an e-mail with your name, address and telephone number and I will mail the packet the day I receive your check! PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER!  It’s a pleasure doing business with those that want to Windmill!   Since I don’t bill, you can call me at  530-644-3008 with your credit card number or, please drop a $35 ($3 to cover post included) check in the mail today to:

American Windmills

P.O. Box 1187

Diamond Springs, Ca.


E-mail me with your name and address and phone number and let me know it’s coming!