New Windmill Stuff

We just got in an “old” redwood tank…and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  Interested?  It’s 8,500-10,000 gallons that’s in VERY NICE shape!  I have the water tank tower plans for sale too for $100.


Redwood Tanks

We now sell the American made Aerator Windmills.  Look for this with a link on the SALES Page.   This Windmill can aerate and pump a small amount of water!

Look here for hints on how to install the windmill and tower without heavy equipment… Footings/Installation Page

I’ve added a hand pump picture to my hand pump page.  Now you can see what the hand pump looks like.   Check that out here.   They’re on sale too!  20% off.

Do you want to meet a man that’s making a 3 foot replica of the Aermotor Windmill?  Here’s your chance!  His name is Jim and he’s done what most people have attempted to do.  He wrote a wonderful poem and has an incredible smile and attitude.  Check it out here!

I have a new page called How to Install the Windmill, Tower and Hand Pump.  This will help EVERYONE with a bunch of hints!

If you bought a 449B lower pump cylinder or if you have a siphon system that you bought from me, here’s the place to learn the hints on how to install it!  It’s not as hard as you think!


Lots of people are interested in the hand pump systems.  We have many to choose from.  Hand Pumps are a very particular product and there are many options for all types of wells.  Hand pumps can lift water over 300 feet, and can even pump “up” a hill beyond the hand pump.  There are stand alone hand pumps and hand pumps that can work with a jack pump or a windmill.  There are sanitary systems for drinking water or nothing fancy for watering livestock and gardens.   Paul and I know so much about these systems and their particular applications.   If you have a well, I bet that we can design a hand pump system for your site.   Go to my Hand Pump page for more information!

I have a page that might help you re-pour your 602 Aermotor.

The Windmill Informational Packet is a big hit for everyone working on an Aermotor Windmill.  Look for that link on the SALES Page.

Don’t forget to look on my Windmill Special page.  I have a number of items at “give away” prices.   Make me an offer on any of the Special Windmill stuff I have for sale!

I have a page called Windmillers’ Hints.   On this page I will talk about my years worth of hints that Paul and I learned that I can share with you!  If you’re working on a Windmill, this page will help you.   If there’s a comment you have that will help others, I can add it to this page.

I have a link to “Removing the Aermotor Windmill from the tower” on the sales page.  This will help you a bunch if you need to remove your Windmill.

I’ve added a cool picture of Paul and myself in front of a gearbox to a 20′ Aermotor AND a picture of the 20′ Aermotor installed on the COMPANY INFORMATION Page.  Check both these pictures out!

I’ve put in a wonderful article written by Betty Thomason.  This is entitled “Windmills Helped Settle the West”.  Look for this article here.