Windmills Towers

I have a few particular towers on sale.  Look on my Specials Page.

Windmill towers are very particular to each Windmill.  Aermotor towers look like a puzzle on the top.  The rule of thumb for a tower should be to have the windmill 15′ above the obstacles within 400 feet.  Towers come in odd sizes.  Aermotor towers start with a  3′ or 4′ “stub” tower, or  they come in 7′ and 14′ increments.  As the Windmill increases in blade diameter size, so does the angle iron of the tower.   You can also get just the stub tower and make your own wood tower!  I have the wood tower plans for $100 which includes my 115 page informational packet.  These towers are the original Chicago Aermotor towers including the nuts and bolts and new beefy wood platforms.

A sample of what we offer:

For the 8′ diameter Aermotor Windmill:

Stub towers $250-350 (depending on height)

21′ towers $2250

27′ towers $2550

33′ towers $2950

40′ towers $3700

For the 10′ diameter Aermotor:

Stub towers $350

21′ towers $2500

27′ towers $3150

33′ towers $3800

40′ towers $4475

We have a NEW anchor bolt system that you can use with a slab…NICE system.   Those are $550.

I have two 40′ 3 leg Aermotor towers that I JUST got in.   Interested?  These are 45 years old and have a beautiful patina to match your old windmill.

If you need some hints on how to install the tower and windmill without heavy equipment, look on the Footings/Installation Page.