Company Information     Return Policy

American Windmills offers, to the original purchaser, a full 12 year warranty.  If any part of our rebuilt Aermotor fails to operate or breaks down before 12 years from delivery date, American Windmills will repair or replace the defective part or parts with new or rebuilt (at our discretion).  This warranty covers all the mechanical (moving parts) of the gearbox.  The Windmill must be installed according to directions, naturally a plumb and level tower is required, and the Windmill must be loaded according to the pumping chart.  Freight costs are your responsibility as are all “other” expenses; cost of removal, shipping, disassembly and any other associated costs.
Windmills must be maintained yearly by a competent technician.  High speed wing damage and “acts of the weather gods” are not covered under this warranty.
In short, to maintain your mill:

  • Assemble all parts correctly
  • Load it according to the chart
  • Protect from damaging weather

and you will be fine!

Remember to change the oil yearly and lubricate all moving parts!